Becoming a Miracle Seeker


Invite God In

Start your day with a prayer or meditation, inviting God or the divine presence into your life and asking for guidance in recognizing miracles. 


Practice Gratitude

Throughout the day, pause to acknowledge and give thanks for the blessings and miracles, big or small, that you encounter.



Keep a gratitude journal where you write down at least three things you’re grateful for each day, including any miracles you’ve experienced.



Make a commitment to practice gratitude and invite God into your life daily, even when things are challenging or busy.


Reflecting and Celebrating

At the end of each week, take some time to reflect on the miracles you’ve experienced and celebrate your progress.

Here’s how you can approach implementing these steps in your life:

1. Inviting God In:

Begin your day by setting aside a few minutes for prayer or meditation. You might find a quiet space where you can connect with your spirituality and invite God into your day. This could involve expressing gratitude, asking for guidance, or simply being open to receiving divine inspiration. 

(example: I always start my morning by asking God to be a part of my day and to ask if He will help me see where and how He is showing up in my day.)

2. Practicing Gratitude: 

Throughout the day, cultivate a habit of noticing and appreciating the miracles around you. This could be something as simple as witnessing a beautiful sunrise, receiving a kind word from a friend, or experiencing a moment of inner peace. Take a moment to pause and express gratitude for these blessings, acknowledging them as signs of God’s presence in your life. 

(I love to start my day, before getting out of bed, saying 3 things I am grateful for. This puts me in a place where I am more open to expect miracles in my day. I use this any time life is getting hard to manage. If I stop and quietly think of 3 things I am grateful for it calms my nerves and helps me finish what is needed. )

3. Journaling: 

Set aside time each day to reflect on and write down the miracles you’ve encountered. This can be done in a physical journal or using a note-taking app on your phone. Make it a habit to write down at least three things you’re grateful for each day, along with any miracles, insights, or reflections that arise.

(I write down my gratitude and miracles each day. It is amazing what you start to notice. I used to think I was pretty picked on and was often in a victim mentality. Just writing gratitude and miracles has brought me to a place of realizing how blessed and loved I am. I no longer feel like a victim, but a loved daughter. )

4. Consistency: 

Commit to practicing gratitude and inviting God into your life on a daily basis, even when life gets busy or challenging. Remember that consistency is key to cultivating a mindset of abundance and openness to miracles. 

(Doing this everyday is really a game changer. I was trying to keep a gratitude journal once a week but I forgot or just never seemed to make the connection of God’s love when I waited that long to write things down. Taking just a minute or two everyday solidifies in place the knowledge that God is showing up and blessing my life everyday. It has also helped to quiet the mind chatter that filled my head with negative thoughts, keeping me sad, lonely, and depressed. Now I can go back and read through my list of gratitude and miracles any time that chatter starts and silence it! It has really helped my mental health.)

5. Reflecting and Celebrating: 

At the end of each week, take some time to review your journal entries and reflect on the miracles you’ve experienced. Celebrate your progress and acknowledge the ways in which your perspective and outlook may have shifted as a result of practicing gratitude and inviting God more into your life. 

( I love to go back and reflect on the miracles and blessings of my life. That helps me to see my progress toward God. From those entries I gain greater love for Him and a greater desire to seek Him more everyday. I have realized that I love being able to talk to God about the miracles He is showering me with and I love seeing how He is blessing others as well. I have gained so much love for myself, for God, and for others doing this small thing. It has been exciting to see what such a simple thing can do to improve your life.)

By approaching these steps with intention and commitment, you can cultivate a mindset of openness and receptivity to miracles, allowing you to experience greater joy, abundance, and spiritual connection in your life.