Guest Appearance with Connie Sokol 2023

Guest Appearance with Connie Sokol 2023

Ready to see and use the miracles in your life? In this podcast I share tips and tools on how to "seek and expect miracles"! "They are 'tiny Divine touch points' throughout our days." ...

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Becoming a Miracle Seeker

1Start your day with a prayer or meditation, inviting God or the divine presence into your life and asking for guidance in recognizing miracles. 2Throughout the day, pause to acknowledge and give thanks for the blessings and miracles, big or small, that you encounter....

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What are you learning? Are you changing through finding everyday miracles? Is God becoming a friend and mentor because of your small daily miracles? What are you finding hard?

If you have miracles you would like to share and feel it’s appropriate I would love to hear them. If possible, with your permission, I would love to share your miracle moments with others so we can build a safe place to share our wondrous experiences with each other.

You can share your story by uploading a video or sending a message in the message field. Whatever is easiest for you.