I have loved Karalee’s Pre-Prayer Journal. It has been the perfect place to gather all of my thoughts in an orderly fashion, so that my prayers can be more heartfelt and organized. I love the explanations and examples, as well as specific areas to record my impressions. It has truly helped me to go deeper with my prayers.


Karalee Anjewierden’s book is all about miracles, but I know the book was a miracle in and of itself. The creation of it was so obviously an act of faith and love, and the beautiful illustrations, clean, thoughtful copy, and plenty of room to write (which I LOVE) are all a joy to experience. I would buy this book again in a heartbeat, and, once I fill this one, plan to do so. Karalee shines a light on those precious gifts that are all around us, if only we will see them. It is clear she has learned to receive and be grateful for “everything” that is a miracle, so she can share it with everyone who will receive it. I would recommend this for you, for your family, friends, and those who aren’t your friends, yet. It’s delightful.